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Hoang Su Phi (Hoàng Su Phì in Vietnamese) is a rural district of Ha Giang province in the Northeast region of Vietnam. As of 2019, the district had a population of 66 683. The district covers an area of 629 km². The district capital lies at Vinh Quang. Hoang Su Phi is among the most untouched area of Ha Giang Province of Vietnam. The area was separated from mainstream society until very recently. The capital town of Hoang Su Phi District is 60km from Tan Quang Town and 100km from Ha Giang provincial capital

Things to do in Hoang Su Phi: Top sights to visits and local insights: Rice terraces, Chieu Lau Thi mountain peak, Tay Con Linh Mountain peak, Ving Quang Town market, Ho Thau Rice Terraces, Ban Phung Village is home of Hmong people, Luoc Village & Nam Hong Village.

Area: 629 km²

Population: 66,683 (2019)

Tours: Ha Giang & Hoang Su Phi Tours

Ha Giang


​Ha Giang Province is a mountainous area in the north of Vietnam where is covered more than 7,884 sq km, to share the border with Tuyen Quang province in the South, Lao Cai and Yen Bai provinces in the West, Cao Bang in the North-west, Yun Nam, and Quang Xi provinces (China) in the North with a borderline of over 274 km in length.
For climate in Ha Giang with temperature is cool throughout the year and the air is fresh so Ha Giang attracts many tourists in Vietnam and overseas around the year. To attract travelers with the natural beauty spots such as the rocky highlands, vast primeval forests, mysterious caves, hundred-year tea plantations, and several rivers, springs, waterfalls, and mineral springs.
Another hand, Ha Giang has cultural and traditional diversity with 22 ethnic groups are living together creating preciously cultural value. In the Sunday markets (Dong Van, Meo Vac), different ethnic groups come to the markets to trade and also to have fun and eat. To discover Ha Giang by taking part in active trips such as trekking, local market, homestay, or boat trip when travel to explore Ha Giang.