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What to bring to Mu Cang Chai: Tours & Travel Guide

Preparing yourself for your trip to Mu Cang Chai, a picturesque place that is hidden in the northern mountainous areas of Vietnam, is certainly a very important task to do. While the terrain has vastly different types and the weather can be pretty unstable, it would be highly advisable to make preparations very carefully. To avoid any unforeseen circumstances, make sure to prepare all the necessary ones, so you can walk every step of the thrilling journey in a state of mind.

Bring appropriate Clothes for Fluctuating Weather

Bring appropriate clothes for fluctuating weather

Bring appropriate clothes for fluctuating weather

As you are planning your fun and interesting trip to Mu Cang Chai, it will be more useful for you to make wise decisions when choosing your clothing. Taking into account the changing weather conditions that occur daily, layered clothing is beneficial to bring and decide upon. Through packing various clothes items such as light and warm clothes, you can easily put on or take off these clothes when needed. No matter what kind of weather, you will have full comfort starting from dawn to dusk.

Moreover, a waterproof jacket or a poncho needs to be placed in your inventory in case it rains during your stay in Mu Cang Chai which is from May to September. To be completely prepared for whatever nature throws at you, while you’re hiking through the wet evergreen forests or participating in more outdoor activities, you will need to bring this slicker for sure. From the right clothes and equipment to the new items you might want to buy, such as rain gear, you can enjoy the rugged beauty of Mu Cang Chai and stay dry and comfortable no matter how moody the weather can be.

Bring essential skin protection for mountainous terrain

Bring essential skin protection for mountainous terrain

Bring essential skin protection for mountainous terrain

Keeping yourself away from strong light, especially when you are planning to be in the outdoor environment for a long time, and exploring the stunning places and activities there is supercritical. To be able to safely deal with the sun’s strength, you need to adopt several steps and avoid its detrimental effect on you. Thus, don’t forget to bring sunscreen as a protection to your face when you enjoy yourself during your trip to Mu Cang Chai.

Besides, in the countryside areas like Mu Cang Chai which are regarded for the typical atmosphere of the countryside instead of busy cities, you can meet countless numbers of mosquitoes and the annoying bugs of the like. Therefore, your insect repellent rescuer is someone you should always bring with you to fight the annoying insects biting you and making your time in Mu Cang Chai miserable while enjoying the scenery.

Bring standard medications and first aid kit

Bring standard medications and first aid kit

Bring standard medications and first aid kit

Before you start your journey, it’s vitally necessary to make certain you bring along your medications and put a simple first aid kit together. In other words, you need to pay much attention to your prescription medications and a few over-the-counter medicines for minor health concerns. Besides painkillers, it is also a great idea to incorporate medication for tummy troubles just in case you contract a stomach upset while on the road and you forget to pack different kinds of bandages for little cuts and scrapes.

You should have a first aid kit well packed for any health issue you may encounter during the time you will be away from the home. Whether it is a case of headache, stomachache, or even a small injury, the availability of proper medications and precautionary measures helps you get back to your routine sooner. Plus, bringing a complete first aid kit shows that you’re thinking ahead about your health and safety, making sure you’re ready to handle different medical situations with confidence and skill.

Bring ultra-portable backpack packs maximum essentials

Lightweight Backpack or Daypack

Lightweight Backpack or Daypack

Tiny-tube backpacks, ingeniously designed to exhibit the trait of being both space-savvy and lightweight, become ultimate examples of convenience, tagging along in the web of daily routines. Whether one is facing the commotion of an early morning’s travel, the lure of the unknown that wanderlust brings whilst on the road, or the swiftness of errands undertaken, these backpacks are your true friends guaranteeing that no vital item gets left behind and consequently simplifying your life to an unimaginable degree.

During the hike into the beautiful Mu Cang Chai mountains, they will be looking at light travel backpacks, which combine all the main characteristics of lightness and comfort. These hiking packs integrate well with the beauty of the natural scene, which makes it easy for the adventurers to cover the difficult and straight paths. As each step treads through the marvel of nature, the backpacks begin to be more than merely assets that help to store necessity kits, instead become companions, allowing people to embark on self-discovery trips and marvel at nature’s surrounding wonder.

Must-Have Gear for Mountain Climbing Adventures

Must-Have Gear for Mountain Climbing Adventures

Must-Have Gear for Mountain Climbing Adventures

The trekking to the mountain of Lung Cung in Mu Cang Chai is worth the breathtaking views and unforgettable experience. To prepare for this amazing climb, you need to bring all the necessary gears to make you safe and have fun. What you need in terms of equipment is the most important thing when it comes to having fun and getting to the top without a doubt.

The use of helmets when you go mountain climbing is extremely important. It protects your head from impacts, especially when you ride in rocky terrain or harsh weather conditions, thus significantly minimizing the chance of head/brain injuries in case of a slip or accident. Also, falling pieces of rocks are a danger, so a helmet is a useful head protection from such debris. Secondly, wearing a helmet creates a feeling of security and self-assurance while participating in activities of mountain climbing.

While mountaineering, we always have loads of up to several kilograms. The accumulated load of your body and baggage places direct pressure on your shoulders and stresses your legs. Holding the hiking pole off-sets the whole weight from your body and backpack, instead of solely using your legs and amplifying the burden, you feel lighter when you move.

Besides the trekking poles which help reduce the burden on the knees of Mu Cang Chai, the proper shoe is the most essential thing. It will be good if you choose well-made shoes with firm soles to prevent tripping over the rocky ground. If there is a possibility of walking on a slippery surface, then bring shoes with proper interlocking attributes in order not to lose stability. High-top shoes can be brought to supply ankle support from heights. These shoes must be waterproof, especially during rainy seasons. Make them fit well and rock them with socks for the hiking experience.

Transaction Currency in Mu Cang Chai

Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange

When getting ready for the trip, it’s essential to understand that some places may allow you to pay with a credit card. Nevertheless, it is advisable to bring some cash with you, particularly if you are heading to places that are at a distance where ATMs are not easily accessible. When you bring enough cash, it means you will be prepared for anything unexpected that might happen on your trip, and this may help you become more comfortable and ready for whatever life throws at you.

It is particularly essential in the case when you travel to remote areas, where electronic payments don’t always work due to a lack of necessary infrastructure and protecting yourself from internet issues. Cash that is with you not only helps in emergencies but also gives you a sense of security as you explore places that are unusual to you. Cash will also give you a sense of security and confidence even when embarking on such adventures.

Digital Camera for Preserving Mu Cang Chai Memories

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Mu Cang Chai is known for the stunning landscape that will certainly blow your mind, hence you should carry your digital camera all the time to make sure that you don’t miss any dramatic experience. For you to have endless chances to capture landscape panoramas and ethnic cultural images, Mu Cang Chai is the key with its incredible scenery and diverse culture. Do not forget to keep your digital camera with you for the striking scenery and your cherished memories in mind.

Although the quality of phone cameras has improved in recent times and they have convenience and connection features, digital cameras are still popular among professional photographers and hobbyists. Digital cameras with their ability to capture sharper, clearer images with better color accuracy are far better than traditional film cameras for documenting places like Mu Cang Chai where you can see everything from the fields of rice terraces to the busy markets.


It is important to plan well and pack carefully when you are about to embark on the journey to Mu Cang Chai as the scenery as well as the weather there are very different. Your clothes have to be light and strong, suitable for both hot and cold temperatures. It is important to ensure that your backpack is of good quality and can hold your possessions, especially if you’re going to the mountains. Also, carry some money with you as well as sunscreen and insect repellent for protection.

Additionally, don’t forget to pack your adventurous spirit and curiosity because they are like inseparable friends that turn into exceptional trips. The moment you step into its stunning views and rich culture you will realize that you are making memories that will follow you forever. Each moment spent cavorting in this fairytale destination becomes a treasure casing, one that evokes happy memories and nostalgia as the years go by.

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Amazing Mu Cang Chai in 3 days/2 nights

Che Cu Nha Village Tour
Che Cu Nha Village Tour
Che Cu Nha Village
Che Cu Nha Village
Yen Bai - Mu Cang Chai Rice Terrace (14)
Yen Bai - Mu Cang Chai Rice Terrace (14)
Sapa Tavan Village
Sapa Tavan Village
Sapa Vietnam Travel
Sapa Vietnam Travel
Sapa Autumn
Sapa Autumn
Sapa Summer
Sapa Summer
Che Cu Nha Village Tour
Che Cu Nha Village
Yen Bai - Mu Cang Chai Rice Terrace (14)
Sapa Tavan Village
Sapa Vietnam Travel
Sapa Autumn
Sapa Summer

Tours Itinerary

Day 01

Hanoi – Tu Le – Mu Cang Chai (L,D)

  • Impress Travel – Mu Cang Chai Tours department will pick you up at the hotel, then driving to west of Hanoi following the national way – No.32 to Nghia Lo district of Yen Bai province.
  • Have lunch in a local restaurant in Nghia Lo, then keep on driving up to Mu Cang Chai.
  • We stop-over in Tu Le for visiting and admire the imposing landscape of mountains and valleys and the beautiful rice terrace field of this area – Tu Le, Van Ban district of Yen Bai province.
  • Mu Cang Chai, dinner and overnight

Day 02

Mu Cang Chai – Nghia Lo (B,L,D)

  • Visiting & take photograph Che Cu Nha Rice Terrace Field of Hmong people
  • Visiting & take photographs Che Xu Phinh, La Phan Tan – it was recognized as the national landscape of Vietnam in 2007.
  • Return to Mu Cang Chai for lunch
  • Leaving Mu Cang Chai to Nghia Lo, free to discover the wildland of Nghia Lo, then dinner and overnight here.

Day 03

Mu Cang Chai – Nghia Lo (B,L,D)

  • Enjoy the fresh air and breakfast in Nghi Lo, check out the hotel or homestay
  • Leaving Nghia Lo to visit Suoi Giang Eco-Park where is a part of Hong Lien Son national park, it is home to ancient green tea, we walk around to know about the special green tea of Vietnam and take photographs in the tea garden.
  • Visiting Hoc village where is hot-steam, the traveler can enjoy and have a bath in the natural hot-water of the stream.
  • Have lunch, then return to Hanoi. The trip is over and enjoys a great time with Impress Travel

What's included in this trip:

  • A/C accommodation -Stay overnight at homestay ( Homestay is clean, the basis of bedding with the cleanness of pillow, blankets, net-mosquito and western bathroom style) with breakfast
  • A/C transfer from Airports to hotel and other tourist destinations according to the itinerary
  • Meals as indicated in the itinerary.
  • English- speaking guides
  • Entrance fees,
  • Mineral water ( 2 bottles/ per day with sightseeing tour )

What's excluded in this trip:

  • All international and domestic flights
  • Specified as Chinese/ Malaysian/ Indonesian/ Thai speaking guide can be available on request to pay for extra-fee.
  • Travel Insurance
  • All meals not mentioned
  • Tips for tour guides, drivers, crew members in Halong Bay, other attendants if may have (3USD/pax/day)
  • Other personal expenses not mentioned
  • For tailor-made, customized tour, or private tour please email to customize@impresstravel.com




Room Type


Sapa  3 -star Hotels


Homestay in Nghia Lo & Mu Cang Chai.

Optional to have a preference for a stay in Hotel as your request.


The hotels and cruise are subject to change to similar category in case of fully booked

October 2019

North Vietnam - Sapa, Halong Bay, Hanoi+ Bai Dinh

Mr Tommy, on behalf of our group, we thank you for your efforts in putting together such a memorable vacation and experience of Sapa, overnight train, Halong Bay, Hanoi + Bai Dinh, your tour guides are so knowledgeable, passionate + helpful. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we will certainly recommend your tour agency to our friends and share our experiences in social media.
Thumbs up, best regards, 

April 2019

Amazing tour in Saigon Ho Chi Min

We took the two amazing tours, Cu Chi tunnels and Mekong Delta, the information was perfect, we learned a lot, the landscape was so beautiful and our both guides Mr. Lee and Mr. Law were the best in the world, very friendly and professional. Thanks!

December 2019


I booked with Impress Travel in July. My contact person was Tommy Thang. He is an amazing person. He was very helpful. He changed my program twice for me. Very accommodating!
We started our holiday in the north (Sapa)of Vietnam and travelled down to HCMC.
The tour was fantastic, Tommy's arrangements were to the"T".
I will always use them if I have to visit the area again and recommend them to one and all.
Thank you once again Mr.Tommy and the Impress Team.
Sulaiman Pochee
South Africa

ebrahim S
January 2020

Tour of Vietnam

Impress travel were amazing. Did my bookings with Daniel for our tour of Vietnam and I must say Daniel was very professional and prompt with his services. All the arrangement, plans, pick-up & drop-off services, hotels, vehicles, sightseeing tours and guides were spot on and excellent. Did 4 nights Hanoi, 1 night Hà Long Bay cruise, 3 nights Hoian, 4 nights Saigon and 1 night in Can Tho. It was totally awesome. Every part of the journey was superbly arranged and planned. I will highly recommend Impress Travel for anyone interested in visiting Vietnam. Very organized and reliable!

January 2020

So glad I found Impress Travel

At first, I was just planning a trip to Hanoi, Halong Bay, and Ninh Binh for my small family.
Some close friends heard about our plans and wanted to join the trip. Eventually the group grew to be 7 families, with 25 adults and children of varying interests and expectations.
 While I was excited at the prospect of touring Vietnam with good friends, I felt anxiously responsible to ascertain that everything must be well organized and everyone satisfied. This is why I am so very, very glad to have found Impress Travel. Mr. Mark responded quickly to all my inquiries, customized a wonderful trip according to the group's preferences, tirelessly worked out every detail for our 7-day trip, all at a reasonable price. Our guide, Trung, is knowledgeable, helpful, quick to respond to any need, and well-loved by everyone in the group. All my friends found this a marvelous trip, filled with beautiful memories, very much to my delight and relief!

Dave Chia Hong
November 2019

Vietnam Travel with Mr. Mark

It was amazing place to visit in the north of vietnam , we really enjoy all the trip especially their foods , culture, beautiful view and so on.

November 2019

Hanoi,Sapa,Hanoi,Danang,Hanoi 8D7N Online searching for a reliable travel agent n come across Impress Travel. Contacted

Accommodations were good especially Thang Long Espana Hotel (the Hotel Management automated upgraded us to VIP rooms.Is really unexpected). Overalled tours n places visited very well but only local guides r not good organizing the itineraries. Especially at Sapa Lao Cai and Cat Cat Villages walking tours push to the same day about 8hours for 7km (which is on 1st&2nd days arrival) so tiring. Lunch not good enough 4 so many hours of walking. In Danang Bana Hill the local guide shd arrange 2 visit Bana Hill 1st n not last coz' spend a short time n not nice photos taken due to rain (went in morning time no rain).
Overall tours, hotels, transportation, prices are strongly recommended. Especially Daniel Dang Impress Travel for welcoming and bye-bye wishes.
Daniel Dang tks from 8 of us having a wonderful time n memorable trip for 8D7N Sapa, Hanoi, Danang with Impress Travel. Meet u all again.

November 2019

5days Hanoi-Tam Coc-Ninh Binh-Halong Bay

We are family of 6 from Singapore and Malaysia joining Hanoi Impress Travel on 30 October-04 November 2019. We are really impressed with the company and tour guides with their professionalism and well organised arrangement. Lily is our guide for Hanoi, Tam Coc and Ninh Binh. She is excellent and very informative. She even taking care of us until late night. We walk us from Old Quarters to the hotel and brought us to try the famous road side foods. She even helped us to pay for our order to avoid overcharge by the stall. Another guide, David BK (Swan Cruise) brought us to Halong Bay cruise. He is excellent and humorous. He handles everything throughout the trip. He served meals for guests on the cruise, organised happy hour, guiding us for Kayaking, teaching Taiji and cooking class on cruise. The cruise ship is ok and the hotel in Hanoi-Adamas Hotel is small but new and clean with reasonable ok breakfast. Anyway thank you for the wonderful arrangement.

November 2019

Professional and well organized

We booked a 8 day private tour package for 9 persons for Northern and Central Vietnam . We experienced great and very professional service from the Impress travel team. Tommy was very easy to contact and accommodated our requests.
All the tour guides were very good, spoke good English, friendly and patient. All the vehicles were very clean , spacious enough for our group of 6 adults and 3 children. The drivers were extremely safe and ontime.
Meals were served in clean restaurants.
Overall we had a good holiday .Thank you Tommy and Impress travel for a great experience.

November 2019

Great service from Impress travel during in Hanoi

We booked package for 9 persons in Hanoi and i was experienced great service during my stay! the PIC (Mr. Mark) was very pleasant and so easily to contact, i was communicated so easily for trip preparation..the tour guide for Trang An was good, Mr Hiep was helped us very well, and he was so patient on witing us shopping! Thank you Hiep!!
during in Hanoi we were stayed in great hotel with nice service also, and during in Halong Bay, they also choosen the best cruise for us! Swan cruise and also the Mr Cong was great!! thank you!!
for transporation, the car was good and driver are pleasant, but only a little bit communication since the driver less good in english. but overall great!!
all the choosen food for lunch and dinner was delicious
Thank you so much Impress travel

November 2019

Excellent, Polite and Helpful Team

Impress Travels has been very helpful in making our vietnam travel amazing. We were a bunch of 7 friends wanting to go on a budget trip covering most locations. Hence, this subjected to a lot of changes during our discussion with the tour guide Daniel.
However, he has been patient enough in hearing out our needs - be it itienary , hotel bookings or even the mode of payment.

They really understand your needs. And needless to say our experience was amazing. All of this support and help has really made our vietnam trip the most memorable as far ❤️

November 2019

5D/4N Hanoi-Ninh Binh- Halong Bay

I was searching for a reliable travel agent and come across Impress Travel and the many reviews of them. I booked 5D/4N, Hanoi-Trang An-Halong Bay private trip for a party of 6. I communicated with Mr Daniel Dang throughout the time until the day we arrived. Mr Daniel is very patient, helpful, and accommodating to our requirements despite many changes made to the itinerary. The price is very reasonable unlike other travel agents.
Our tour guide, Lily was very friendly and efficientknowledgeable and speak good English.
Highly recommend “Trang An Boat Tour”. The caves was spectacular and beautifully.
2D/1N Halong Bay – Swan Cruise was awesome with amazing view of the cave. Our guide Mr David was hilarious, helpful, accommodating, and everything was well organized. Beside the normal
activities of kayaking, swimming, Tai Chi, culinary lesson, we are indeed very very fortunate to have
the chance to celebrate the “Mooncake Festival” while cruising and admiring the full moon.
Spread of mooncake, dessert, sweet snack, fruits, cocktail, beer and mini dragon dance complete the celebration. Tourists from all over the world party all night long.

Although we paid for a 3-star package, the hotel (Thang Long Espana Hotel), meals and transport provided were also above average. Our gang have a very enjoyable and memorable trip in Hanoi.
Impress Travel really impressed us with their service and will engage their service in future.
P/S:- Don’t worry, Impress Travel CAN be trusted.

November 2019

16 days Private Tour

Hanoi – Duong Lam - Halong Bay – Hue – Danang – Hoi An – Ho Chi Minh city – Mekong Delta – Cai Be – Vinh Long – Can Tho – Phu Quoc Island - Ho Chi Minh city.
It is worth talking about details, say what you want to see, watch the hotels, indicate which rooms you want, the office will organize everything for you. I highly recommend!
The whole trip was arranged with the active help of Mr. Daniel Dang.

November 2019

Our 3 week tour of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos was excellent

Thanks to Mr Tommy and staff for putting together an active and interesting tour in all 3 countries. In every city or town we had we met by very nice, friendly and knowledgeable guides. We went in June which was HOT HOT HOT and were always so happy to have an air conditioned vehicle with cold water waiting for us. We traveled by planes, trains, automobiles and boats and all were fabulously coordinated by Mr Tommy without fail. The selection of sites helped us enjoy so many aspects of all 3 countries!


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