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1 hr 32 min (71.6 km) via ĐCT08 and Hoa Lac & Hoa Binh province. Hoa Binh is one of the attractive places, where is very close to Hanoi city, that why travelers choose Hoa Binh as a favorable place to visit at the weekend ( for 2 days/1night). Traveler can visit famous places in Hoa Binh such as Mai Chau valley, Pu Luong, Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant, Kim Boi Hot Spring, Thung Nai Lake, Da Bac cave, besides the natural beauty-spots Hoa Binh also famous for its cultural, traditional, historical diversity of ethnic groups as Kinh people, Tay, Thai, Hmong & Muong people. When travelers choose tour destination in Hoa Binh, you can take part in the tour activities as trekking, homestay & boat trip.

Pu Luong Enthralling trekking tour: 3 days / 2 nights

Pu Luong Nature Reserve was established in 1999 is roughly 170km from Hanoi. Being a nature reserve with a total area of 17,662 ha, 3/4 of the nature reserve is primary tropical forest. This is also living place of ethnic Muong and Thai people. Pu Luong means the highest peak of the village, in Thai language.
Pu Luong trek in rice terrace

Pu Luong Nature Reserve walk, rafting, tumbling rice terraces tour: 2 days

The Pu Luong Nature Reserve limestone landscape is an area of outstanding beauty, culture interest and high biodiversity value stretching from Mai Chau in the North to West to Cuc Phuong national park in the South East. It is blessed with rich forest, limestone panoramas, magnificent rice terraces and breathtaking scenery.
Canh Nang Ba Thuoc

Canh Nang Town in Ba Thuoc: Pu Luong Tours & Guide

Canh Nang town is divided into 22 neighborhoods: 1 Lam Xa, 2 Lam Xa, 1 Canh Nang, 2 Canh Nang, 3 Canh Nang, 4 Canh Nang, 5 Canh Nang, Anh Van, Canh Nang, Chu, Dam, Hong Paint, Kim Van, Luong Van, Bamboo shoots, Mo, Mo, Nu, San, Trang, Transport, Xuan Long
Mai Chau highway

Unique scenery of Son Thuy: Ban Khan Tours & Sites

Son Thuy commune is about 50km from the center of Hoa Binh city, and 25km from the center of Mai Chau district. Many people choose Ba Khan as a stopover because this place has a wild beauty, nestled between the mountains and the lake of Hoa Binh, creating a charming landscape, as beautiful as a watercolor painting.
Lac Village

Lac Village in Chien Chau: Mai Chau Tours & Homestay

If someone intends to travel to Hoa Binh, they will immediately think of Mai Chau and the first stop is usually Lac village, Chieng Chau commune. But that is the story of the years 2014 - 2016, the time when community tourism (CBT) in Lac village developed the most. And now, when a series of resorts, attractions, and resorts in all districts and cities have sprouted up and right in Mai Chau district, there have been 3 new CBT copies formed, and Lac village has been destroyed. unique.” International visitors staying overnight and spending in Lac village from 2018 until now have tended to decrease; domestic visitors have increased but increased slightly.
Doi Cave

Doi Cave in Kho Muong: Pu Luong Tours & Explorer

Kho Muong Doi cave in Kho Muong village, Thanh Son commune (Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa province), is one of the cave populations discovered in Pu Luong Nature Reserve. In particular, Kho Muong Bat Cave has limestone blocks formed about 250 million years ago.
Ba Khan Resort Mai Chau

Name of Ba Khan: Ba Khan Tours & Information

Ba Khan is the old name of a mountainous commune in Mai Chau district (Hoa Binh province), including three hamlets of Khan Thuong, Khan Ha, and Khan Ho. In 2020, Ba Khan and Phuc San and Tan Mai communes merged into Son Thuy commune. However, the name Ba Khan always remains in the minds of many people with the image of an unspoiled land and peaceful Muong villages...
Ba Khan Resort village

What to eat in Son Thuy: Ba Khan Tours & Food

By October 2019, Bakhan Village Resort is still the only quality accommodation in Bachan. However, there are local families in the village preparing their houses to offer home-stay service very soon. As part of the restaurant in Bakhan Village Resort, there is a local home Quang Huan offering pre-booked meals. Smaller shops in the village are about to open.
Pu Luong Travel Tours Trekking Homestay

Excursions from Son Thuy: Ba Khan Tours & Pu Luong

Excursions: There is a lot you can do within a half/full day drive from Ba Khan. Mai Chau town is 45 minutes, Pubin & Noong Luong Mountain town is 60 minutes, Moc Chau is about 2 hours…Tours information is available at Bakhan Village Resort.
Boat on Da Reservoir

Boat on the Da reservoir in Hoa Binh: Ba Khan Tours

Boat on the Da reservoir: Boating around this version of Halong Bay in the mountain is available with a choice of a local slow boat that takes you through great water with 1-2 stops to visit temples and caves. You can also request to get off for a village walk on the other side of the lake.
Cave in Hoa Binh Lake

Hang Ba Cave in Hoa Binh: Ba Khan Tours & Attractions

Hang Ba Cave: This is probably one of the most surprising attractions! The cave is very secret, not on a grand scale but the details are wonderful. The government is preparing a path to get into the cave which can be open to visiting in 2020. It is definitely a must-see! Getting there from the resort can only be done by walking now and it is not advised during the rain.
Ba Khan Trek

Mountain hike in Son Thuy: Ba Khan Tours & trekking

Mountain hike: Bakhan is a paradise for mountain trekking with many secret trails made by locals and breathtaking landscapes along the way. The easiest route is the Bakhan ‘West Hill’ in Khan Ha. This is a wonderful spot to visit at any time of the day. The East Route starting from the resort is a little challenging with some hiking preparations and physical requirements. And the most challenging route is the Bakhan Jungle route covering the entire length of Ba Khan.

Trekking, walking in Son Thuy: Ba Khan Tours & Travel

Ba Khan Village Walking: From Bakhan Village Resort, the best village to walk is definitely Khan Ha in neighborhood. Within 1-2 hours of a relaxing walk, guests can really see the entire community in their original lifestyle. If you are more active, you can walk up to Khan Thuong and Khan Ho villages where people have more farmland and the area is located within a perfect valley. There is a famous temple where you can be told of a mysterious superpower.
Hoa Binh Lake Kayaking

What to see and do in Ba Khan?

From Bakhan Village Resort, the best village to walk is definitely Khan Ha in the neighborhood. Within 1-2 hours of a relaxing walk, guests can really see the entire community in their original lifestyle. If you are more active, you can walk up to Khan Thuong and Khan Ho villages where people have more farmland and the area is located within a perfect valley. There is a famous temple where you can be told of a mysterious superpower.
Boat trip Cham Stream

Cham Spring in Pu Luong: Pu Luong Tours & Raft

Rowing on bamboo rafts, bathing in Cham streams in Pu Luong, never want to return. Bamboo rafting, bathing in Cham stream in Pu Luong is one of the interesting experiences that many tourists love when coming to this "paradise under the earth". Let's get rid of all the noise of life, all the stress at work to come to Cham stream to relax, take a relaxing bath, go bamboo rafting and explore the village.

Pu Luong Tours

Pu Luong is a natural reservation in the northern land of Vietnam. It is 160 km away from Hanoi and is a 4-hour drive north-west of Hanoi. Pu Luong Reserve is located in Quan Hoa & Bac Thuoc District, Thanh Hoa Province and shares a border with Hoa Binh Province in Tan Lac, Mai Chau, and Lac Son districts, and is divided by a central valley, which contains several human settlements and a large area of agricultural land, therefore, it is not included within the nature reserve. Pù Luông is endowed with great biodiversity, its flora and fauna are closely associated with the Cúc Phương National Park 25 km south-east. Impress Travel offers travelers a tour to explore Pu Luong combined with a Mai Chau trekking tour. It is a trekking tour from Mai Chau to Pu Luong, then an overnight stay at Pu Luong Retreat - 9 comfortable bungalows, 1 traditional stilt house with 16 comfy beds, an open-air restaurant with tasty cuisine, an infinity pool and spa with rock garden, all at your disposal. Come to Pu Luong Retreat to discover the hidden magic, of a place built by hand, with meticulous attention to detail, from the ground up puluong@impresstravel.com

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Hoa Binh Province

Hoa Binh Travel, it's not so far from Hanoi (70 km from Hanoi city center), you take 1.5 hours to Hoa Binh province where is famous for Mai Chau, Pu Luong, Hoa Binh hydropower plant, Thung Nai Lake, Ba Kan...Hoa Binh becomes a very good choice for the weekend trip after the hard-work in the city. Apart from that, Hoa Binh also is hilly land for ethnic minority people such as Hmong, Tay, Thai, Muong & Kinh who show the particular culture, tradition & customs for traveler's experiences joining in a homestay, taste the foods, drinks. Hoa Binh Tours offer travelers amazing & active tour itineraries, tourist joins in trekking, biking, rafting, boat trip to explore the breathtaking scenery of Hoa Binh province.