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Pu Luong is a natural reservation in the northern land of Vietnam. It is 160 km away from Hanoi and is a 4-hour drive northwest of Hanoi. Pu Luong Reserve is located in Quan Hoa & Bac Thuoc District, Thanh Hoa Province, and shares a border with Hoa Binh Province in Tan Lac, Mai Chau, and Lac Son districts, and is divided by a central valley, which contains several human settlements and a large area of agricultural land, therefore, it is not included within the nature reserve. Pù Luông is endowed with great biodiversity, its flora and fauna are closely associated with the Cúc Phương National Park 25 km south-east. Impress Travel offers travelers a tour to explore Pu Luong combined with a Mai Chau trekking tour. It is a trekking tour from Mai Chau to Pu Luong, then an overnight stay at Pu Luong Retreat - 9 comfortable bungalows, 1 traditional stilt house with 16 comfy beds, an open-air restaurant with tasty cuisine, an infinity pool, and a spa with rock garden, all at your disposal. Come to Pu Luong Retreat to discover the hidden magic, of a place built by hand, with meticulous attention to detail, from the ground up



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Pu Luong Enthralling trekking tour: 3 days / 2 nights

Pu Luong Nature Reserve was established in 1999 is roughly 170km from Hanoi. Being a nature reserve with a total area of 17,662 ha, 3/4 of the nature reserve is primary tropical forest. This is also living place of…
Pu Luong trek in rice terrace

Pu Luong Nature Reserve walk, rafting, tumbling rice terraces tour: 2 days

The Pu Luong Nature Reserve limestone landscape is an area of outstanding beauty, culture interest and high biodiversity value stretching from Mai Chau in the North to West to Cuc Phuong national park in the South East. It is…
Canh Nang Ba Thuoc

Canh Nang Town in Ba Thuoc: Pu Luong Tours & Guide

Canh Nang town is divided into 22 neighborhoods: 1 Lam Xa, 2 Lam Xa, 1 Canh Nang, 2 Canh Nang, 3 Canh Nang, 4 Canh Nang, 5 Canh Nang, Anh Van, Canh Nang, Chu, Dam, Hong Paint, Kim Van,…