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There are many beautiful landscapes in Yen Bai province, when travelers coming here, they can visit Thac Ba Lake, Suoi Giang ancient tea tree plantation, to visit poetic valleys like Nghia Lo, Tu Le valleys. Travelers have an unforgettable experience when crossing high mountain passes such as Khau Pha pass as well as participating in adventure tours such as air balloon tours to enjoy the imposing scenery of the valleys around Khau Pha Pass. And an extremely famous tourist destination known to be one of the most beautiful terraced fields in the world is Mu Cang Chai where visitors can also participate in adventurous trips to trek via the buffalo trails to visit ethnic minority villages and take a photograph of the rice terraces around Mu Cang Chai tourist attraction and more experience to conquer the top of Lung Cung mountain.

Muong Lo

Co Coi Village in Muong Lo: Mu Cang Chai Tours & Hot Spring

The hot spring bathing spot in Muong Lo valley (Yen Bai) is still bustling with tourists from all over the world as well as indigenous people coming to bathe. Mr. Lo Van Tieng, Head of Co Coi village said that the hot spring in Co Coi village was developed appeared in the 1950s. Up to now, the hot spring bathing area of ​​Co Coi village has been invested and built into two bathing areas with over 40 rooms to serve the needs of tourists. This bathroom area has a self-flowing water trough system, bringing water to each bathroom. With a ticket price of 10,000 VND/person, each day the bathing area also brings in an average of 300,000 VND/day. According to the survey, in Yen Bai province, there are four hot spring spots that can be exploited for tourism development. Which, Van Chan district has three sites, namely Tu Le, Co Coi village, Son A commune, and Hoc village, Son Thinh commune, the remaining points belong to Tram Tau upland district.
Hot Spring Tram Tau

Top Hot Springs in Tram Tau: Mu Cang Chai Tours & Activities

Tram Tau is a highland district located in the west of Yen Bai province, 114 km from the center of the province. Tram Tau is located in the tropical monsoon climate. The average altitude above sea level is about 800m. The highest peak is Ta Chi Nhu in Xa Ho commune, 2,979m above sea level, the sixth highest mountain in Vietnam, located in the Pu Luong massif in the Hoang Lien Son range. This mountain peak has many different names depending on each ethnic group, the Thai people call Ta Chi Nhu Phu Song Sung, and the Mong people call Chung Chua Nha. Next is the top of Ta Xua mountain, Ta Xua village, Ban Cong commune with the highest peak of 2,865m, ranked 10th among the highest mountains in Vietnam, where there is a "dinosaur spine", a challenging road. From the district center to Ta Xua village is a distance of about 7km, but to reach the highest peak, there is only a single dirt road with a very steep slope, which is a challenge that is not easy to overcome for anyone who wants to conquer. . Ta Xua mountain range rises up to create a natural boundary between Yen Bai and Son La, with three peaks forming an extremely majestic wonder. The highest peak is the place where the Vietnamese flagpole is erected at an altitude of 2,850m, at the second peak there are still vestiges of the old flagpole which was built during the French colonial period. The third peak is located in the middle, it resembles the line that forms the spine of a prehistoric dinosaur. Due to the high mountainous terrain, the temperature in summer is not high. Winter is cold, with winter temperatures down to 0 degrees celcius, snow covers the branches and high mountains.
Festivals in Mu Cang Chai Yen Bai

Festivals in Yen Bai: Mu Cang Chai Tours & Events

Mu Cang Chai is famous for its pearl-like beauty nestled between two mountain slopes with peaceful villages in the green valley or on Khau Pha pass. Coming here, people not only enjoy the unique culinary culture, imbued with highland identity but also have interesting experiences during the festival season. Visiting this peaceful land, you will be able to participate in extremely unique activities of the people in Mu Cang Chai.
Muong Lo Yen Bai

Colourful culture of Muong Lo plus Mu Cang Chai Tours

"Muong Lo white rice, clear water / Whoever goes there does not want to return". Not only having white rice with clear water, Muong Lo (Nghia Lo) also attracts visitors with passionate and endless dances.Anyone who has once been to the Northwest, especially to Muong Lo, but has not been immersed in passionate Xoe dances with Thai girls, that trip seems incomplete. Spreading so that the crops are bountiful, the trees bear fruit, spread in the passion of human love.
Hon Trau Forest

Visit Hon Trau (Buffalo Soul) Forest & Mu Cang Chai Tours

Coming to Yen Bai North-west of Vietnam, there are many famous tourist destinations waiting for you such as Muong Lo, Mu Cang Chai, ... You will not be able to miss an extremely interesting place, hiding a lot of The strange stories about the ethnic minorities, the Hon Trau forest in Nam Toc Tat, which is considered the boundary between heaven and earth, the ancient place of spiritual significance is preserved by the Black Thai people as a sacred treasure of your people.
Ngoi Tu Village

Ngoi Tu ( Ngòi Tu) village & Mu Cang Chai Tours in Yen Bai

Located on the peaceful Thac Ba lake, Ngoi Tu cultural village (Vu Linh commune), Yen Binh district is a destination attracting domestic and foreign tourists in the form of community tourism. This place is still intact the way of living on stilts, the afternoon blue smoke hovers on the green hillsides with perennial palm flaps, winding on the solid red dirt roads...
Than Uyen District

Than Uyen District in Yen Bai, Mu Cang Chai Tours & Travel

Than Uyen district is located in the southeast of Lai Chau province, geographically located: To the east, it borders Van Ban district, Lao Cai province, Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province. The West borders Quynh Nhai district, the South borders Muong La district, Son La province. To the north, it borders to Tan Uyen district.
Mu Cang Chai Homestay View

Mu Cang Chai Homestay

Mu Cang Chai Homestay: Friendly Stay for Mu Cang Chai Tours are the best places to stay when travel to Mu Cang Chai Vietnam.
Thac Ba Lake View

Thac Ba Lake: Travel, Tours, Map, Photo

Thac Ba Lake: Travel, Tours, Map, Photo Mu Cang Chai Yen Bai - Trekking, homestay, biking and boat trip in Thac Ba Lake.
Suoi Giang Tea People Yen Bai

Suoi Giang: Travel, Map, Photo, Tours

Suoi Giang: Travel, Map, Photo, Tours Mu Cang Chai Yen Bai: Trekking, Biking, Homestay and visit the tea hill.
Khau Pha Pass

Khau Pha Pass: Travel, Map, Photo, Tours

Khau Pha Pass: Travel, Map, Photo, Tours Mu Cang Chai Yen Bai - Trekking, Biking, Air Balloom activity, Homestay in Mu Cang Chau.
Tu Le Yen Bai

Tu Le Valley: Travel, Map, Photos, Mu Cang Chai Yen Bai

Tu Le Valley: Travel, Map, Tours Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai - Trekking, Real experiences of homestay and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of rice terraces.
Nghia Lo

Nghia Lo: Travel, Maps, Photo, Tours Yen Bai Mu Cang Chai

Nghia Lo Travel: Guide, Maps, Photo & the best information for visiting places and foods, stay for Yen Bai Mu Cang Chai Tours.
Muong Lo Yen Bai

Muong Lo: Travel, Map, Photo, Tours Mu Cang Chai Yen Bai

Muong Lo: Travel, Map, Photo, Tours Mu Cang Chai Yen Bai - Trekking, Biking, Homestay at ethnic houses and enjoy the nice scenery.
Mu Cang Chai Ecolodge 3

Mu Cang Chai Ecolodge

Mu Cang Chai Ecolodge: Accommodation, tours & foods - Travel to Mu Cang Chai then stay in Ecolodge at spacious room with rice terrace view.
Mu Cang Chai - Lung Cung Peak

Lung Cung Mountain Peak: Photo, Map, Travel, Tours

Lung Cung Mountain Peak: Travel, Map, Photo, Tour Mu Cang Chai - Trekking, homestay, enjoy the breathtaking view from rice terraces.