Hanoi Discovery

Top Traditional Handicrafts in Hanoi

Hanoi tourism is famous for many traditional Hanoi craft villages, each craft village has its own characteristics. If tourists are planning to visit and learn about cultural and artistic values and buy ethnic souvenirs, the traditional craft villages within a radius of 30km around Hanoi are the best choice. Great choice for travelers.

Chang Son Village

Chang Son Carpentry Village: Outdoor Hanoi Tours & Craft shopping

Chang Son village was originally a famous traditional craft village in old Ha Tay, now in Chang Son commune, Thach That district, Hanoi. Chang Son…
Dao Thuc Dong Anh

Dao Thuc water puppet in Dong Anh: Hanoi Tours & Shows

Water puppetry is a folk art form, concentrated mainly in the Red River Delta, born with the wet rice civilization, is the brainchild of farmers…
Quat Dong embroidery village Gate

Quat Dong embroidery village: Hanoi Tours & arts

Embroidery is available in many places, but to reach a sophisticated and skillful level, it is impossible not to mention Quat Dong embroidery village (Thuong…
Phu Vinh Bamboo Ratan

Phu Vinh Bamboo and Rattan Village: Hanoi Tours & handicrafts

In the development of traditional handicraft villages and handicraft industries in Vietnam, the field of bamboo and rattan production occupies an important position. Among the…
Ngu Xa bronze casting village

Ngu Xa bronze casting village: Hanoi Tours & Handicrafts

Located in the west of Hanoi, Ngu Xa village emerges as a small peninsula nestled by Truc Bach Lake. This is the place where beautiful…
Dao Xa musical instrument handicraft

Dao Xa musical instrument handicrafts in Hanoi: Tours, Guide

About 50km from the center of Hanoi, there is a small village located on the last piece of land of the city, famous for making…
Jewelry Hanoi

Dinh Cong Jewelry Craft village plus unique Hanoi Tours

Dinh Cong Jewelry Village has long become the pride of Hanoians and is one of the famous attractions for tourists from afar. Over a thousand…
Chuong village

Unique Chuong conical hat discovery and handicraft Hanoi tours

Chuong village is a famous craft village in the country with a long tradition of making hats through conical hat products. The people of Chuong…
bamboo dragonfly village

Thach Xa Bamboo Dragonfly Handicraft & Religious Hanoi Tours

You know the name Thach Xa, a village located in the heart of the capital has long been famous for making bamboo dragonfly toys. Not…
Van Phuc Silk Village

Explore Van Phuc Silk Village & Handicraft village Hanoi Tours

Van Phuc silk village in Ha Dong is one of the most famous silk weaving villages in Vietnam. This is a traditional silk weaving village…
Bat Trang Ceramic

Unique Bat Trang ceramic village Hanoi Tours, Photo, Map

Referring to the long-standing traditional craft village in Vietnam, the name Bat Trang Pottery Village cannot be ignored. Bat Trang Pottery Village is not only…

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