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Top 5 famous tropical fruit gardens for Mekong tours

For a wild, tropical escape you cannot easily go easier the Mekong Delta of southern Vietnam. Called “The Rice Bowl" of the entire country, this region has just about everything from rivers to swamps to islands and most importantly, mind-blowing tropical fruit gardens. Prepare yourself to be treated with the best nature has to offer fresh rambutan, creamy durian, and more! In this post, we highlight the 5 must-see Tropical Fruit Gardens on your trip to the region with our guide.

Useful Tips for Visiting Tropical Fruit Gardens in the Mekong Delta

Before we jump into the fruity fun, let’s get you prepped for the trip:

  • Best Time to Visit: The fruit harvest season is from June to August is the best time to visit the tropical fruit gardens in the Mekong Delta This is harvest time, fresh fruits are bursting from every tree and the weather is still quite mild.
  • What to Bring: Hat, Sunscreen and Insect Repellent are essential on this visit to protect against the sun and bugs. It is also recommended to carry a water bottle for hydration.
  • How to Dress Appropriately: Lightweight, breathable clothes and comfortable walking shoes In addition, long sleeves and pants will add an extra layer of protection from sunburn and bug bites.
  • Etiquette and Rules in Fruit Gardens: Good neighborliness and garden laws. Make sure to always ask permission before you pick anything and never litter, so our gardens remain a beautiful place.
  • Safety Precautions: vegetation context and aquatic environments. You should also get a local guide if you do not know the place.FlatAppearance

Top 5 Tropical Fruit Gardens in the Mekong Delta

Vinh Kim Fruit Garden, Tien Giang

Vinh Kim Fruit Garden, Tien Giang - Tropical Fruit Gardens

Vinh Kim Fruit Garden, Tien Giang

Known as one of the greatest tropical fruit gardens in the Mekong Delta, Vinh Kim Fruit Garden This garden is lush and scenic and provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Fruit Garden of Lo Ren star apple, Ha Chau Burmese grape, jackfruit, rambutan…. Since the tree bearing these fruits grows all around the seasons, the remainder of visitors are attracted all through the year.

  • Address: Vinh Kim Commune, Chau Thanh District, Tien Giang Province
  • Entry Fee: 20,000 VND per person
  • Additional Activities and Amenities: tasting sessions, fruit picking, and boat tours along the canals for visitors. There are also picnic areas and viewing points for visitors to just sit and relax within the gardens.
  • Visitor Experiences and Testimonials: Visits from satisfied tourists praising the freshness of fruits or the hospitality of residents are labeled as testimonials. “the star apple (sweetest I´ve ever eaten)” one visitor reflects. One wrote, “The garden is a peaceful getaway for nature lovers and great for hiking.

Cai Be Orchard, Tien Giang

Cai Be Orchard, Tien Giang

Cai Be Orchard, Tien Giang

Cai Be Orchard is located along the northern bank of the Tien River, covering an impressive area of 15,000 hectares. This orchard is known for its diverse fruit varieties and picturesque landscapes. The orchard is home to fruits like water coconut, Lo Ren star apple, Ha Chau Burmese grape, Thai mango, and plums. The abundance and variety of fruits here are truly astounding.

  • Address: Along the Northern Bank of the Tien River, Cai Be District, Tien Giang Province
  • Entry Fee: 50,000 VND per person
  • Additional Activities and Amenities: Apart from fruit tasting, visitors can participate in traditional folk games, explore the orchard on bicycle tours, and enjoy local delicacies at nearby eateries.
  • Visitor Experiences and Testimonials: Visitors appreciate the orchard’s vastness and the opportunity to sample so many different fruits. One visitor notes, “It’s a fruit lover’s dream come true. Every fruit was fresh and delicious.”

Trung An Fruit Garden, Cu Chi

Trung An Fruit Garden, Cu Chi

Trung An Fruit Garden, Cu Chi

Cai Be Orchard on the other hand lies south of the Tien River for about 15.000 hectares. It features diverse fruit varieties, rustic scenery and is a picture postcard orchard. Here the variety of fruits includes water coconut, Lo Ren star apple, Ha Chau Burmese grape, Thai mango and plums. This place is like a fruit wonderland, the amount of different types of fruit

  • Address: Trung An Road, Trung An Commune, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Entry Fee: 30,000 – 50,000 VND per person
  • Additional Activities and Amenities:  Visitors can also try butt tarpaulins, walk around the orchard by bike, and find snacks too.
  • Visitor Experiences and Testimonials: Visitors are thrilled with endless orchards and get a chance to try more than 50 varieties of fruits. Another visitor reports, “This is a paradise for a fruit lover. All of them had fruits to begin with, and it was delicious.

Rach Ke Ecological Fruit Garden, Can Tho

Rach Ke Ecological Fruit Garden, Can Tho - Tropical Fruit Gardens

Rach Ke Ecological Fruit Garden, Can Tho

The Rach Ke Ecological Fruit Garden is akin to heaven on earth A fruit garden is not just a fruit garden, it is also an ecological park with many outdoor activities. This garden is also highly regarded for its wide range of fruit with rambutan, star apple, strawberry, longan, durian and mangosteen 

  • Address: 396A My Nhon, My Khanh, Phong Dien, Can Tho
  • Entry Fee: 20,000 VND per person
  • Additional Activities and Amenities: Besides fresh fruit picking, Rach Ke also provides additional services such as fishing, tug of war, traditional folk games. There are also typical dishes of the land such as pancakes on an open fire of the West or grilled snakehead fish.
  • Visitor Experiences and Testimonials: The visitors are having a great time enjoying the variety of events and the fruits that are of top quality. “Highly recommended for families. Fun activities, top-notch fruit,” says one visitor.

Cai Mon Fruit Garden, Ben Tre

Cai Mon Fruit Garden, Ben Tre

Cai Mon Fruit Garden, Ben Tre

CaiMon Fruit Garden is located in Ben Tre, a land well known for its coconut businesses. With its beautiful, secluded environment that is lush with surroundings you have the ideal garden for all its fruits, also known. With a variety of fruits like rambutan, pomelo, mango, plum, or longan and the well-known Cai Mon durian fruit with golden flesh and seeds as small as beans.

  • Address: Vinh Thanh Commune, Cho Lach District, Ben Tre Province
  • Entry Fee: 10,000 VND (tour) – 70,000 VND (pick and eat at the garden)
  • Additional Activities and Amenities: They offer fruit tasting, garden tours, flower common, and photography of the rows of flowers and ornamental plants to be photographed.
  • Visitor Experiences and Testimonials: A lot of visitors are happy with the color & size of the fruits. These durians are the best I’ve ever had. Says one visitor, “The garden is also stunning.

Choosing Transportation for Your Trip

Motorbike Rentals

Thanh Lan

  • Address: 17C Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Cost: 100,000 – 150,000 VND per day

Thanh Lan: A well-known motor cycle rental in central Ho Chi Minh City. Popular for its cheap and fast service, Thanh Lan offers a variety of motorbikes suitable for touring the Mekong Delta. This is a one-stop-shop for travelers, along with other services such as serving food and even accommodation.

Tigit Motorbike

  • Address: 72 Nguyen Co Thach, An Loi Dong Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Cost: 200,000 – 300,000 VND per day

One very well-known company for its good services, and also good quality bikes in general is the Tigit Motorbike (Honda XR) Great for people who wanna be knowledgeable of where else you can go in Mekong. Designed for international travelers, Tigit Motorbike is widely well-received thanks to its responsive service and full support

Bike Saigon

  • Address: 4 Cach Mang Thang Tam, Ward 10, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Cost: 80,000 – 150,000 VND per day

Bike Saigon provides multitudes of reasonably priced motorcycles. The company is famous for its flexibility which gives consumers the possibility to take and get rid of the bikes in many different areas of Ho Chi Minh City.

Bus Services

Phuong Trang Bus Company

  • Address: 272 De Tham, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Cost: 110,000 – 250,000 VND per trip

Phuong Trang is one of the top providers in Vietnam and they deliver a comfortable and reliable option to explore the Mekong Delta. Having substantial routes in operation and operating from multiple locations, the process of traveling with Phuong Trang will be a seamless one. The buses are always air-conditioned, and include WiFi and reclining seats so you will get a comfortable ride.

Mai Linh Express

  • Address: 292 Dinh Bo Linh, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Cost: 120,000 – 270,000 VND per trip

If you are more into buses, then Mai Linh Express is one of the best bus services that will take you to the Mekong Delta. With great punctuality and good service standards, Mai Linh offers a variety of busses for all trips both day and night with sleeper options. The firm has a wide range of routes, which encompasses almost all the important Mekong Delta destinations.

Tropical fruit gardensdens

Tropical fruit gardens


It can be summed up that the tropical fruit gardens in the Mekong Delta are an interesting place for every visitor to visit. From the peaceful Vinh Kim Garden to the bustling Cai Mon Garden, every garden has its characteristics and various types of fruits. These gardens are ideal for a short escape into the lap of nature, no matter whether you are traveling alone or with a group.

These would be among the more scenic while not the best detail of each one with all your travel tour itinerary created by Impress Travel. Guide Experience our expert guides on well-organized tours to make your trip easy and enjoyable. Book your trip with us today to experience the magnificent tropical paradise that is the Mekong Delta! Don’t forget to regularly follow our Fanpage for more interesting information about traveling Mekong to and to book Mekong Tours at the best prices.

Mekong Tours 2 days 1 night with IMPRESS TRAVEL

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Mekong Boat Trip
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Mekong Cycling Around
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Mekong Floating Market Enjoy Pine Apple
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Mekong Floating Market
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Mekong Boat Trip
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Mekong Floating Market Enjoy Pine Apple
Mekong Learning The Food
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Mekong River Delta Learn To Pedal
Mekong River BD
Mekong Floating Market

The Mekong River, the ‘Mother of Waters’, is the heart and soul of mainland South-East Asia. Millions of people depend on its waters. It’s a way of life, a home for the spirits, the defining element in the everlasting battle for survival, and the foundation and boundaries of cultures and kingdoms across eons. The river speaks of the past and the future, of the eternally recurring cycles of nature, of the people living upstream and downstream, of survival, beauty and danger.

Foreigners can’t appreciate the role of the river in the lives of those who live in the Mekong basin. It influences every aspect of their daily existence, shaping not only the land, but also the people themselves.

The Mekong Basin extends over 795,000km2. More than 70 million people, 55 million of which inhabit the watershed area lying within Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam, depend on the river and its tributaries for food, water and transport. At 4,350km, the Mekong is the longest river in Southeast Asia and the 12th longest in the world.

The river runs from its source deep in China’s Tsinghai Province through the eastern part of Tibet. From Yunnan province, it becomes the border between Myanmar and Laos, and between Laos and Thailand. From there it surges across Cambodia to Phnom Penh, where the Bassac River branches off. The two rivers continue to divide into nine outlets, the Cuu Long (Nine Dragons) of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, and finally discharge into the East Sea. The river is navigable from the delta to Southern Laos, where massive waterfalls near the Cambodian border prevent boats from travelling further.

About nine-tenths of the people in the Lower Mekong Basin are engaged in agriculture, mostly rice production on a massive scale, for which irrigation from the Mekong River is essential. A substantial proportion is exported, thus providing the staple diet of a far greater number than just those living in the area.

The Mekong River is also very rich in fish, the single most important source of animal protein in the diet of people living in the Lower Mekong Basin.

Tours Itinerary

Day 01


  • Impress Travel's Mekong Tours Team will pick you up at the hotel, then leaving Ho Chi Minh City at 8.00 AM
  • We need 2 hour driving to Cai Be, We emerge the beautiful scenery of the countryside in the Mekong river delta of Vietnam.
    Visit Cai Be floating market by Sampan that is the well-known floating market in Mekong delta ( Note: the market today is not as busy as in past times)
  • To enjoy the traditional music & performance show – Dai Ca Tai Tu that was recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of the world, we enjoy the Mekong’s fresh fruits while watching the show.
  • Ride a rowing boat via the water coconut canals.
  • Do a biking tour through the rural villages to Mr. Sau Ca Family’s orchard
  • Enjoy local lunch with Mr. Sau Ca family
    Relax before getting on a Sampan to Vinh Long the car/ van will pick you up to drive to Can Tho city ( One hour driving to Can Tho)
  • Arrival in Can Tho then checks in the hotel, free time to explore Can Tho city at night.
  • The tour guide will recommend you the best place for dinner in Can Tho city.

What is included: Transfer, tour guide, hotel in Can Tho, lunch, entrance fee(s), boat trip in Cai Be

Day 02

Cai Rang floating market – Khmer Pagoda – Lunch – Ho Chi Minh City (B,L)

  • Good morning Mekong Delta with quiet and fresh air,
  • Enjoy buffet breakfast at hotel and morning tea break before leaving by Sampan to visit Cai Rang Floating market.
  • Ride a bicycle through the countryside to Khmer Pagoda & local farms.
  • Have a lunch and tea break
  • Mekong Tours – Impress Travel Team will bring you back to Ho Chi Minh City (3.5-hour driving)

What is included: Transfer, tour guide, hotel breakfast, lunch, entrance fee(s), boat trip in Can Tho

What's included in this trip:

  • Accommodation based on Twin/Double sharing room, ( notice: a single room is surcharged following single supplement policy/ all room night including daily hotel breakfast.
  • All the meals as mentioned in the detailed itinerary
  • Entrance Fee to visit attractive places are mentioned as itinerary
  • Private Car/Van/Bus with air-conditioned and good experienced driver.
  • Boat trip in My Tho, Cai Be
  • Experienced English speaking tour guides as specified ( French-speaking guide/ Chinese speaking guide are available on request )
  • Complimentary drink water and Tissue on Van/Bus/Van as mentioned on itinerary

  • What's excluded in this trip:

  • International Ticket Fare with insurance surcharge and Fuel surcharge
  • Arport tax.
  • Visa Fees & Travels insurance
  • Porter Charges & Camera Fees.
  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) do not mentioned as in this itinerary
  • Tipping for Tour guides, Bus driver, Crew
  • Other personal expenses such as beverages, telephone calls, laundry services, Minibar, etc….
  • Other services are not specifically mentioned in the tour Itinerary and the above Inclusion

Hotels in Can Tho
Star Hotel Room Type
3-Star hotel in Can Tho Hau Giang Hotel Superior
4-Star hotel in Can Tho Muong Thanh Hotel Superior
5-Star hotel in Can Tho Victoria Hotel Superior

Mekong Delta Travel Map


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Tour of Vietnam

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We started our holiday in the north (Sapa)of Vietnam and travelled down to HCMC.
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I will always use them if I have to visit the area again and recommend them to one and all.
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Bernard Lim

Great value for money with 4 stars hotel

Great value for money with 4 stars hotel accommodation for 4 couples. The tour guide has been very helpful and brought us to amazing places in Sapa. We want to thanks Thuy the tour guide and especially Mark from Impress Travel for his great service and assurance throughout our trip. We’ll definitely use his service for other tour packages in other parts of Vietnam.


We enjoyed our holiday with Impress travel

This is the second time we travel to Vietnam with IMPRESS Travel. First time, we booked our holiday to Hanoi, Halong Bay & Sapa during Dec 2018 with Impress.
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