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Thai Binh Travel guide provides travelers the news, information about the history, culture & people in Thai Binh province, let travelers know-how to travel to Thai Binh, where to stay & eat in Thai Binh, what mean of transportation in Thai Binh? And when is the best time to travel & visit Thai Binh? The attractive places to visit in Thai Binh province & Tours connect to visit Thai Binh and another province in the coastal line of north Vietnam.

Dong Chau Beach

Attractions in Thai Binh

The attractive places in Thai Binh province, north coastal line & Red river delta of Vietnam, do not miss to explore when visit Thai Binh.
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Restaurants in Thai Binh

Restaurants in Thai Binh: Foods in Thai Binh Vietnam for Tours, where to eat & have meals in Thai Binh when travel to expore this city.

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Hotels in Thai Binh: Stay in Thai Binh Vietnam for Travel & Tours, where to stay in Thai Binh when travel & explore Thai Binh in Vietnam.
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Keo Pagoda

Keo Pagoda in Thai Binh: Tours to Keo pagoda Thai Binh Vietnam. It is one of the oldest Buddhist pagodas in Vietnam
Thai Binh


Thai Binh is located southeast of Hanoi. It takes 2 hours (106)km) to Thai Binh City by car, non air & railway to Thai Binh. The tours to Thai Binh province travelers exploring the culture, history, people, and the beauty of nature in Thai Binh such as Keo pagoda, Dong Chau Beach, traditional handicraft villages, Tien La Temple, Con Vanh ecotourism, Bac Trach Church & Vu Thu Flower Garden... For domestic travelers who like to visit Thai Binh in the springtime when is time for the Tran Temple & Keo Temple festival in Thai Binh, but for foreigners who like to visit Keo Pagoda which is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Vietnam. Thai Binh Province is the intersection to connect for the trip to discover Ninh Binh, Nam Dinh, Hai Phong & Quang Ninh for the natural, historical, cultural trip in the coastal line of north Vietnam. Email to request Thai Binh Tours & Other places in North Vietnam at