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Son Island is an island in Ly Son district, Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam. It is located in the east sea, in the northeast of Quang Ngai province, central Vietnam. The Island is quite far from the mainland; 30 km (15 sea miles). According to Geographers, the island was formed by a volcano 25-30 million years ago. It formed 5 mountains with 5 artesian waterways providing fresh water for local people who are living on Ly Son Island. Ly Son Island district was separated from Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province in 1992, it became the first island district of that time. Quang Ngai province opened the first tour to Ly Son Island in 2007 Travelers depart from Quang Ngai town, then take the national highway 24B to SA KY port, then go on to Ly Son Island by speed boat. They travel around Ly Son Island by motorbikes. Ly Son Island tries local specialties made from garlic & fresh seafood & visit national relics: An Hai communal house, Am Linh Tu temple, Hang Pagoda & Sa Huynh cultural archaeological relics also found on Ly Son island: Chinh stream, Oc Hamlet & Cham’s cultural vestiges > The travel routes: Hang Pagoda – An Hai Communal – Duc pagodas – Volcano’s mouths – Historical vestige Truong Sa – Hoang Sa – Am Linh Tu Temple & Some ancient villages in Ly Son Island. Ly Son Island is known as the “Kingdom of Garlic”; Garlic planted here has developed its unique flavor different from elsewhere... 

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