Video Cat Ba Island & La Ha Bay Tour: 2 days/1night

Cat Ba Island is always an attractive destination not only for foreign tourists but also for Vietnamese tourists, where you can fully experience all the most beautiful things of nature

Road from Du Gia to Dong Van Town for Ha Giang Tours

Deep, magnificent, like reminiscent of a golden age. The old town, Dong Van ancient market lies dormant in the early morning mist of the rocky plateau, as a historical proof of an attractive land in the border region, the top of the country. Developing trade and tourism services is a strength promoted by the authorities, businesses and people of Dong Van town, as well as contributing to the restoration and preservation of the old town, Dong Van ancient market, a cultural stopover. and unique tourism between the rocky plateau, the global geological park.
Turtle island

Turtle (Rua) island in Cat Hai: Lan Ha Bay Tours & Cruises

Hon Rua is one of 388 islands in Cat Ba archipelago, the island has a small area but the characteristics and shape are very similar to the name, named by seafarers hundreds of years ago. Seen from above, Turtle Island looks like a moving mascot on the green pearl strip of Lan Ha Bay. Turtle Island is covered by the rich flora of Cat Ba archipelago, so it is green all year round. Located on the main sightseeing route of Lan Ha Bay to Hon Rua is an indispensable island for every tourist visiting the bay. With its unique position and animal shape, the Sea Turtle represents a gentle, stable creature with hundreds of years of life in the Northeast sea and island area, one of the four folklore mascots. “Long – Lan – Quy – Phung”, “Dragon – Lan – Tortoise – Phoenix”.
Chuong But Island

Chuong Island in Halong: Lan Ha Bay Tours & Cruises

Hon But is a small island located on the route to Cua Van fishing village, about 1 hour by train from Cat Ba island. Hon Chuong is also known as Chuong Islet, Bap Chuoi Islet, and Candle Islet.
So Ban Mai

Ban Mai ( Oyster): Lan Ha Bay Tours, Cruises & Seafood

What's so strange about the Ban Mai ( Oyster) or shellfish table in the waters of Lan Ha Bay that is so rare and difficult to order?Vietnam is favored by nature with a long coastline, thanks to which there is an abundant and abundant amount of shrimp, fish, and seafood. But the type of seafood with the name table mai, probably few people know about it.
octopus in Lan Ha Bay

Octopus seafood in Lan Ha Bay: Lan Ha Bay Tours, Cruises

Also an extremely delicious and nutritious seafood dish. Octopus can be cooked in many different ways such as: steamed octopus, grilled octopus, stir-fried, Thai sauce, etc. You can find this dish at any restaurant.
Flower Park in Halong bay

Flower park in Halong city: Halong Tours & Cruises

Located right next to the beautiful Ha Long Bay, Ha Long Flower Park is a famous place for entertainment and public activities of Ha Long city people. Right here, let's explore Ha Long flower park with Halong bay tours and cruises & Impress Travel right now!
Ba Vang Pagoda in Quang Ninh

Ba Vang Pagoda: Halong Buddhist Tours & Cruises

Traveling to Ba Vang Pagoda is of great interest to many people today. Since March 9, 2014, the pagoda has been recognized by the Vietnam Record Organization as the mountain temple with the largest main hall in Vietnam.
Lan Ha Bay Muslim Tours

Halal food on Lan Ha Bay cruises & Tours

Halal food on Lan Ha Bay cruises & Tours, Halal food with Seafood & some halal dishes by Vietnamese style cuisine on Mon Cheri Cruise Lan Ha Bay.
Lan Ha Bay School Trip IP 1920

Lan Ha bay ideal place for School trip

Lan Ha Bay ideal place for School trip: Amazing bay for School trip, where is very attractive place for your school trip in Vietam, it is Lan Ha Bay.
Lan Ha Bay Wedding

Video about a wonderful wedding on Lan Bay Cruises & Tours

Video about a wonderful wedding on Lan Bay Cruises & Tours, tell you how can you organize a romantic wedding in Lan Ha bay & Cat ba island.
Cooking Class Lan Ha Bay

Video about Cooking Class on Cruise in Lan Ha Bay

Video about Cooking Class on Cruise in Lan Ha Bay. One of the unique activity on Lan Ha Bay & Cat Ba island cruises & Tours.