Welcome to Sapa, Lao Cai Province.

Coc Ly Market Tours

Coc Ly Mark is on market day on Tuesday & tour departure from Sapa on Tuesday. Impress Travel designs this tour combining a visit to Sapa by doing easy trekking to explore hill tribes villages of Hmong people, Dzay People & Red Dzao people. Moreover, to get the experience of the real-life of local people with an overnight homestay in Ta Van village. The last day visit to Coc Ly Market closes an outstanding tour of Sapa - Coc Ly Market Tours On Tuesday. Coc Ly Market is located in Coc Ly Commune, Bac Ha District, Lao Cai Province. Travelers come here to see & know about daily l life of local people in the north-west of Vietnam and enjoy the specialties of Coc Ly Market. Leaving Lào Ci city, following national way 4D, travelers will come to Phóng Điện town, Bảo Thắng District, Lào Cai Province, then keep on going national way 153 tổ Cốc Lý market. Coc Ly market area is the home of ethnic people living in the northwest of Bac Ha district, Coc Ly market is held on Tuesday nearby Chay river. Far-looking in Coc Ly market is lively watercolor painting, that is Bac Ha high range mountain & Chay River with fresh water. The market is a get-together of Mong People, Dzao people, Tay People & Nung; people who wear very colorful clothes & jewelry. Coc Ly market is divided into areas. The first area for selling & buying: fresh vegetables, mushrooms, honey, rice wine, rice, family tools, silks, brocade & wearing. The second part of the market is for buying & selling Water buffalos, pigs, chickens, dogs, horses…, all the market is very busy & exciting with talking, bargaining & smiling. Then to the next area for eating & drinking, the stores with special foods of locals. According to local language, Coc Ly means “Foot of a plum tree”, the beauty of the market is not only of exchanging goods but also meeting each other, singing, talking & loving.

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The travel distance from Hanoi to Sapa is 315 km. There is no airport nearby Sapa, so you have two options to travel between Hanoi and Sapa: taking a sleeper train or a bus. This range includes Vietnam's highest mountain, Fansipan, at a height of 3143 m above sea level. Besides, other mountains like Aurora & J (where the sun appears at sunrise) complete a very steep terrain. The town of Sa Pa lies at an elevation of about 1500 meters (4,921 feet) elevation. Sapa's area is home to several ethnic minorities. Here the majority of Kinh people are in the minority, making up only 15% of the total. In Sa Pa, the majority group is the H'Mông at 52%, followed by the Dao with 25%, the Tày at 5%, and the Giáy at 2%. There are also a few Xá Phó peopleSapa - the Famous for its breathtaking landscapes · 1 – Sapa Town · 2 – Cat Cat Village · 3 – Muong Hoa River & Valley · 4 – Y Linh Ho Village · 5 – Lao Chai Village.