To attract the fourth largest waterfall in the world !

Ban Gioc Waterfall Tours

Ban Gioc Waterfall is located in the east-west of Vietnam, belongs to Cao Bang province, Vietnam, it lies on the Vietnam & China border and where are 360 kilometers (229 mi) and 7.5-hour driving to thereby Car from Hanoi. Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of four waterfalls lying on the border in the world, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam that becomes the visual art for artists. Ban Gioc waterfall is very well known for the magnificent beauty of nature, that is why there are millions of domestic & foreign travelers coming here to admire the waterfall’s beauty.



Ba Be Lake is an ideal destination for travelers who want to enjoy their North-east Vietnam Adventure tour in tranquil places, we escape away from the exciting city of Hanoi to have a lovely time in Ba Be Lake, and visitors will enjoy the peaceful space of the largest natural lake in Vietnam, surrounded by soaring green mountains, a poetic and harmonious landscape that nature offers. We also take real experience time to stay at Tay Family in Pac Ngoi Village where to learn about the culture, tradition, and daily life of Ethnic Minority People in Ba Be Lake, Bac Kan Province. The real experience of Ba Be Lake Tours: Take the amazing boat trip in Ba Be Lake, The real experience of homestay in Pac Ngoi, Enjoy Tay’s delicious foods, and Learn the culture, and customs of Ethnic People.

Ban Gioc Waterfall



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Nam Khau Cao Bang

Nam Khau in Cao Bang: Ban Gioc Waterfall Tours & Food

Unlike any other dish. Nam Khau is made from the most basic and familiar ingredients. The dish is cooked from delicious bacon and taro, also known as taro. The ingredients are very familiar but a special cooking method will create a different dish.
Thang Hen Lake in Cao Bang

Thang Hen lake in Cao Bang: Ban Gioc Waterfall Tours & guide

Located at an altitude of more than 1,000 m above sea level, Thang Hen Lake is like a pearl in the mountain with spectacular and poetic beauty. It is a natural product that adorns the watercolor painting of Cao Bang's mountainous landscape.
Le Nin Stream

Le Nin Stream in Cao Bang: Ban Gioc Waterfall Tours & Relic

Lenin Stream - a beautiful "beautiful" stream in Pac Bo - a special national revolutionary historical relic site of our country, located in Ha Quang district, Cao Bang province, about 50km north of the city center
Pac Bo Historical Site

Pac Bo Historical Relic: Ban Gioc waterfall Tours & Travel

In early 1941, Nguyen Ai Quoc and 5 comrades returned home and stayed at Mr. Ly Quoc Gun's house, then moved to Coc Bo cave, Lung Lan cave and Khuoi Nam shack. Here, from May 10 to 19, 1941, the 8th Central Party Conference took place. The conference clearly identified…