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The luxurious cabins of Pandaw Cruise Mekong River

The Pandaw cruise in Mekong Delta River will discover the spirit of Vietnam and Cambodia, the amazing itineraries and the luxurious cruises and comfortable cabins and suites for MekonG River's discovery.

Vietnam and Cambodia are majestic countries brimming with a complex culture and extreme landscapes. From the great towering limestone islands of Halong Bay to the majestic, awe-inspiring Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. Both have the mighty Mekong river running through the heart of them.

The Mekong River runs from China through Burma, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia before emptying in the delta of Vietnam. It carves its way through stunning backdrops, past riverside towns and villages, through the remote jungle and vibrant cities.

If you choose to set sail on a Mekong River cruise with Pandaw you are promised a truly unforgettable experience. The Pandaw fleet is designed to allow you peace and serenity as well as open spaces to enjoy native talks, dances and demonstrations, and also a beautiful setting to dine. Imagine sitting down to eat whilst freshwater dolphins play in the water beside you.

The landscapes of both Cambodia and Vietnam are breathtaking; our cruises (existing text:) pass through a richly varying riverscape from the vast Mekong Delta with floating markets, bustling trading towns and vibrant river life to the silence of the Cambodian Mekong river with its delightful rural life. The people of the Mekong River will excite and intrigue. They are warm and welcoming and the passion they have about their lives and history is admirable. They are willing to teach you as much as you’re willing to learn.. Email:  & call to Mr. Alex Impress Travel, Mekong River Cruises & Mekong Tours Manager at his cell-phone (+84) 9123 79 189


Pandaw Cruise & Tours

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The Pandaw stateroom is the most celebrated feature of our ships, combining splendid colonial-era character with exquisite contemporary comfort. Finished in brass and teak, the main and upper deck rooms are a spacious 168 square feet (15.6 sqm), with the exception of the Zawgyi Pandaw which is 150 square feet (14 sqm). As the space is much loved by all our passengers, we have ensured that with each ship we build, the stateroom remains essentially the same. Be advised: our cabins do not have mini-bars, satellite TV's, internet access or telephones. Passengers tend to choose Pandaw in order to escape from the tiresome features found in international business hotels.




All the latest breaking news & travel information on MEKONG DELTA travel, and browse The Independent's complete collection of articles and commentary on Mekong tours & Mekong river cruises: The visiting places, culture, history, and landscape of the majestic & mighty river in Southeast Asia - At 4,350km, the Mekong is the longest river in Southeast Asia and the 12th longest in the world. The river runs from its source deep in China's Tsinghai Province through the eastern part of Tibet. From Yunnan province, it becomes the border between Myanmar and Laos, and between Laos and Thailand, Cambodia and Dong Bang Song Cuu Long ( Mekong River Delta) of Vietnam.