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Moc Chau is located northwest of Hanoi. It takes 5 hours drive and is a distance of 200 km Mộc Châu is a rural district of Sơn La Province in the Northwest region of Vietnam. As of 2003, the district had a population of 118,867. The district covers an area of 2,025 km². The district capital lies at Mộc Châu. It is a wonderful tour to escape from Hanoi’s bustling city to Moc Chau for 2 days / 1 night. Moc Chau is reputed for its hill-tribes such as White & Black Thai People and Muong People. Famous for its green tea hills and Moc Chau milk, and wonderful natural landscape, and Dai Yem waterfalls, Hill Pine, and Orchid flower gardens. Moc Chau has become an ideal place to visit at weekends for Vietnamese people, and as a stopover on the North-west tour for foreign travelers as well. Coming to Moc Chau travelers meet interesting people of the hill tribe lands, enjoy the local foods, are attracted by breathtaking scenery from hills to mountains and green valleys, and are refreshed by really very fresh air and full of the green colors of the tea hills. Area: 782 m2, Province: Son La Province, Population: 118,867 (2003). To book Moc Chau tours,  Email:

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Moc Chau is the highland town of Son La Province, it is not so far from the Hanoi capital within 200k away to the northwest of Hanoi. When travelers come to Moc Chau where attracts by the greenest tea is grown in the farm town of Moc Chau (Moc Chau old town in Son La). This place is regarded as the largest and the most beautiful highland among northern mountainous areas of Vietnam. Why don’t you take time to visit Moc Chau and look at the immense fields of green tea & have a lovely time to relax at the weekend.