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Lang Son Province in Vietnam

Lang Son Province is a mountainous and bordered province in the Northeast with a natural area of ​​8,310.09 km2, the narrowest city is Lang Son 77.94 km2, the widest one is Dinh Lap district with 1,189.56 km2. Lang Son Province is located at the National Highway 1A, 1B, 4A, 4B, 279 via this province, is an economic intersection point with the western provinces of Cao Bang, Thai Nguyen, Bac Kan, the East is Quang Ninh province. The Southern part of Lang Son is Bac Giang and the Vietnam-China borders, with 2 international border gates (Huu Nghi border gate, Dong Dang border gate), Chi Ma border gate.


Lang Son Province is the first point of Vietnam on two economic centers (Nam Ninh (China) - Lang Son - Hanoi - Hai Phong, Lang Son - Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City - Moc Bai (joining the Trans-Asia road: Nanning - Singapore), is an important gateway connecting China and ASEAN countries. Constructing highways connecting Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, and Hanoi cities, with an international railway connecting with Guangxi, China is very convenient for economic, cultural, and scientific exchange. - Technology with provinces in the country with China.


The terrain, mainly low mountains and hills covering for more than 80%, an average altitude of 252 m above sea level, the lowest place is 20 m in the south of Huu Lung district and the highest place in Mau Son mountain 1,541 m. Mau Son tourist area is planned as a national tourist area, 31 km east of Lang Son city.


The climate of Lang Son province, although located in the tropical monsoon area, has the characteristics of the sub-tropical climate, the temperature is not too high, the winter is relatively long and quite cold. The average temperature is from 21 - 220C, the rainfall is from 90 - 132 mm, the humidity is from 83 - 85%. There are still 94,513 hectares of unused land, mainly rocky mountains without forests.

Bac Son Village

Don Riec Village in Bac Son

Don Riec Village in Bac Son are one of the most attractive site in Bac Son, Lang Son. Travel to Bac Son valley and visit Ban Riec village.
Bac Son Rice Valley

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The best time to visit Bac Son, best time to book Bac Son Tours, when is the best time to visit Bac Son with best weather and climates.
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How to get in Bac Son Valley?

How to get in Bac Son Valley? Private car & tours to Bac Son Valley for 165km from Hanoi, good driver & private tour to Bac Son.
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Trekking in Bac Son Valley

Trekking in Bac Son Valley: Trekking up hill, forest Bac Son Tours, the real experience time to explore Bac Son Valley & Tropical forest.
Bac Son Village

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Where to stay, homestay in Bac Son, Lang Son Province? The real experiences to stay in Bac Son at Tay People Family, are always welcome.
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Bac Son Valley is a paradise in Lang Son Province northeast Vietnam with breathtaking scenery It’s 160 kilometers – about 4 hours drive on highway 1B from Hanoi. Bac Son valley has its most awesome views at rice harvesting time, So, it’s best to visit Bac Son Valley from September to October when the valley turns yellow over the rice fields. Bac Son is the homeland to many Tay Ethnic folk who is one of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. The area is mountainous, surrounded by hills and valleys and the people here live peacefully in this natural paradise. To admire fully Bac Son valley, travelers can climb to the top of the valley’s mountain and get a panoramic view. This is one time you do not want to forget your camera. Son. Email: bacsontours@impresstravel.com