Welcome to Amazing Bac Son Valley in Lang Son !

Bac Son Trekking Tours

Bac Son District of Lang Son Province - Imposing Valley is not so far from Hanoi within 160km in the northeast. Coming to Bac Son valley travelers will attract by imposing valleys, we will hike up the mountain at 1200 meters above sea level to admire the stunning scenery of Bac Son Valley where describes by paddy rice, villages of Tay people. Travelers spend 2 hours conquering the peak to take the most beautiful images and enjoy the magnificent view. Moreover, Bac Son Easy Trekking Hiking Tour leads travelers into the real experience of homestay at Tay Ethnic people thoroughly aware of culture, traditions, local daily lifestyle, fantastic trekking via the forest and hill tribe villages in Bac Son, Lang Son, Vietnam. The highlights of easy trekking of Bac Son Tours:


  • Magnificent scenery and breathtaking beauty of Bac Son Valley
  • The suitable place to study Tay ethnic people in Bac Son, Lang Son
  • Great Experience of trekking, taking photograph, joying homestay & sightseeing rice paddies
  • Enjoy the lovely taste of local food in Lang Son province.


To explore

Bac Son Valley

To visit Bac Son valley, where is one of the most attractive beauty-spots in Lang Son Province. Nowadays, Bac Son attracts a lot of domestic and international travelers who come for a real experience trip with active tours such as trekking, hiking, homestay, enjoying drinks, and foods the ethnic minority family. To discover the cultural, traditional, and historical diversity of Tay, Nung People.

  • 160 km from Hanoi, 2 hour driving by car
  • Take part in the trekking, homestay at Tay Ethnic People
  • Walking around the village, take photographs
  • Enjoy the lovely foods & drinks