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Ba Khan could easily be the most amazing new destination in the North of Vietnam. It is much unknown to the public but has been the favorite travel route of some adventure travel groups. Ba Khan is comprised of Three Villages that include Khan Thuong, Khan Ho, and Khan Ha, located in the territory of Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh Province.  The majority of Ba Khan's natural environment is untouched and the locals still retain their traditional lifestyles and culture for generations. Visiting Bakhan is just like turning back life to years ago when it was so peaceful and natural. 


Village Walking: From Bakhan Village Resort, the best village to walk is definitely Khan Ha in the neighborhood. Within 1-2 hours of a relaxing walk, guests can really see the entire community in their original lifestyle. If you are more active, you can walk up to Khan Thuong and Khan Ho villages where people have more farmland and the area is located within a perfect valley. There is a famous temple where you can be told of a mysterious superpower.

Mountain hike: Bakhan is a paradise for mountain trekking with many secret trails made by locals and breathtaking landscapes along the way. The easiest route is the Bakhan ‘West Hill’ in Khan Ha. This is a wonderful spot to visit at any time of the day. The East Route starting from the resort is a little challenging with some hiking preparations and physical requirements. And the most challenging route is the Bakhan Jungle route covering the entire length of Ba Khan.

Hang Ba Cave: This is probably one of the most surprising attractions! The cave is very secret, not on a grand scale but the details are wonderful. The government is preparing a path to get into the cave which can be open to visiting in 2020. It is definitely a must-see! Getting there from the resort can only be done by walking now and it is not advised during the rain. 

Boat on the Da reservoir: Boating around this version of Halong Bay in the mountain is available with a choice of a local slow boat that takes you through great water with 1-2 stops to visit temples and caves. You can also request to get off for a village walk on the other side of the lake.   

Excursions: There is a lot you can do within a half/full day drive from Ba Khan. Mai Chau town is 45 minutes, Pub in & Noong Luong Mountain town is 60 minutes, Moc Chau is about 2 hours…Tours information is available at Bakhan Village Resort. 

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Ba Khan

Ba Khan is the old name of a mountainous commune in Mai Chau district (Hoa Binh province), including three hamlets of Khan Thuong, Khan Ha, and Khan Ho. In 2020, Ba Khan and Phuc San, and Tan Mai commune merged into Son Thuy commune. However, the name Ba Khan always remains in the minds of many people with the image of unspoiled land and peaceful Muong villages.

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